2022-05-28T09:46:14-04:00implant a rare earth magnet into the head of the penis so that being in any room with AC is like getting a 60 stroke per second blow job from the inside
2022-05-25T16:20:11-04:00an mmorpg with no combat, where the only way to progress is crafting & raids are just really difficult group negotiations with NPCs over rare crafting materials
2022-05-23T17:40:20-04:00real reverse isekai: a normal guy gets accosted by girls who want to force him to remember a past life where they were part of his harem, but they're all pretty weird & have complicated politics with each other & he just wants to not lose his job.
2022-05-19T18:07:20-04:00gandalf x tom bombadill fic leaning heavily on the fact that maiar reproduce asexually
2022-05-16T20:17:26-04:00using tumblr blaze to charge your sigils
2022-05-15T13:04:34-04:00last dragon x new york ninja fanfiction 'new york ronin', about the mechanics by which the complex and diverse underworld depicted in new york ninja slowly reconstitutes itself into something more closely resembling the one depicted in the warriors, through the lens of a former vassal of the queens damiyo who seeks revenge on sho'nuff for knocking off his lord & must team up with the new york ninja and learn to harness the glow while playing upwardly-mobile cosplay gang leaders against each other in a careful political strategy game intended to destablize the nascent unification of new york gangs and return it to a warring states period
2022-05-05T15:31:14-04:00lovers-to-friends fanfiction trope
2022-03-28T12:10:19-04:00a browser extension to replace 'screen' with 'printed page'
2022-03-01T11:38:50-05:00become a polyglot but only for languages associated with separatist movements
2022-02-25T11:40:02-05:00sketch filter: taking some image, you apply a series of randomly-applied randomly-selected brush-strokes based on minimizing the distance between some pool of randomly-generated brushstrokes & the value of the original image at the same point. brushstroke pallette is a set of ovals of various lengths and thicknesses, chosen at random, and then given some 5 or 6 rotations (each a random number of radians between 1/4pi and 3/2pi rotated from the previous). you sample some percentage of the whole image at random in some configurable n passes, to determine how dark the image will get. the result is a sketchy/messy/furry monochrome rendering of the shading of the original
2022-02-21T15:30:18-05:00'pishing' as a formal term for phishing that relies upon typosquatting
2022-02-14T19:29:28-05:00a collective map of the psychogeography of recurring dream locations
2022-02-12T18:16:56-05:00a 'search engine for intuition'. it takes a search phrase for input, and simultaneously does a text search, news search, patent / scientific search, wikipedia/wictionary lookup, video search, and image search, and produces a page of arbitrarily-sized 'tiles', each with a result from a randomly chosen source (for text sources, a marquee of the first 1k characters, possibly with speech synthesis synced to the speed of the marquee), and each closing once the content of the box had 'finished playing' (or after a configurable delay for images) to have a new box appended to the end of the document. this continues in search result order until the user presses 'stop', searches for something new, or until all search results that were fetched (with some fetchahead) were shown. extra search backends configurable: ex., we may want to do a gematria lookup
2022-02-01T17:34:27-05:00filk version of Wall of Voodoo's Mexican Radio about chinese typewriter technology
2021-12-15T08:09:16-05:00federated private circulating library via media mail book exchange
2021-12-13T15:11:34-05:00velma dinkley slowly becomes a sexy goth garfield
2021-11-27T14:03:42-05:00take a picture of the top half of your face and print it upside down on your covid mask, to evade predators
2021-11-13T10:25:36-05:00a found-footage slasher where the big twist is that some of the footage we, as the audience, had already seen was actually shot by the killer and spliced in
2021-11-03T19:23:35-04:00kirlian assprints
2021-10-27T19:38:50-04:00economic tantra
2021-10-23T14:58:01-04:00a spinoff of The A Team called The C Team that's a bunch of loveable fuckups attempting and failing to do something the A Team already failed and gave up on
2021-10-20T08:25:35-04:00legally changing your name to CURRENT RESIDENT
2021-10-16T17:00:45-04:00a genderswapped indiana jones called diana jones
2021-10-12T14:51:05-04:00post-disciplinary studies
2021-10-01T11:05:23-04:00use one GAN to predict the next frame and another GAN to predict the previous frame, then merge the two predictions to double your frame rate / add motion smoothing
2021-09-27T20:44:28-04:00ignobel phantasm
2021-09-25T17:14:48-04:00UK Grimes
2021-06-16T09:19:42-04:00a full length comic adaptation of Wuthering Heights where all of the characters (but notably Heathcliff and Cathy) are drawn as characters from newspaper comics
2021-06-14T17:05:55-04:00licensed phantasm yo-yos
2021-05-25T19:26:43-04:00a porno featuring tall buxom jugalettes called Big Mommy Hustlas
2021-05-19T15:43:00-04:00manually tagging every post with 'uncategorized' as a symbolic blow against legibility
2021-04-15T07:47:52-04:00mentally translating 'sin' to 'miss', since etymologically, 'sin' comes from when you don't hit a target with an arrow
2021-04-14T16:12:40-04:00an NFT for a piece of performance art I may or may not have performed in secret, and which I refuse to describe
2021-04-14T09:54:58-04:00a signed collectable statuette of Jim Davis pissing on Garfield
2021-03-28T16:33:47-04:00in order to upvote or downvote, you must also write a response of at least 500 characters, and at the same time, all karma metrics are hidden
2021-03-24T12:08:36-04:00fake crime podcasts
2021-02-25T19:12:20-05:00a computer RPG where you play as the DM for a group of AI roleplayers
2021-02-25T11:37:39-05:00sub liminal spaces
2021-02-25T11:37:20-05:00a game where you play as the greek chorus
2021-02-24T07:53:42-05:00redraw American Gothic in the style of socialist realism instead of social realism
2021-02-12T17:30:22-05:00kolchak meets kojak
2020-12-24T20:04:21-05:00the office of Irregular Detective, who, rather than solving mysteries, uses their investigation to explore and highlight the mysterious and fractalline strangeness that pervades the universe
2020-12-24T18:58:33-05:00A science fiction story about a future global culture characterized by what non-americans immediately think of as american. In the future, everyone wears cowboy hats and eats pizza slices and hamburgers the size of hubcaps with bowie knives and plastic sporks inbetween random spurts of gun violence over the random insults they continuously hurl at each other.
2020-11-23T15:28:40-05:00overlay fibonnaci spirals onto frames from Suspiria and post them to instagram like they mean something
2020-11-03T05:25:40-05:00himalayan rock salt d20
2020-10-30T16:49:47-04:00The Society of the Spectacles -- a secret occult brotherhood to whom everyone who wears glasses belongs
2020-10-28T15:48:08-04:00You need to ace a 100 question quiz on the contents of the TOS in order to use the app
2020-10-26T13:04:56-04:00an anthology of stories written in 2020 about the 2020 we would have imagined we would have in 2000, had we been considering it then
2020-10-18T18:00:17-04:00zombie porn parody "night of the loving dead" with actual night of the living dead footage
2020-10-13T15:54:40-04:00licensed phantasm dildos
2020-10-12T17:53:40-04:00a horror movie that's just an hour and twenty minutes of fake trailers for fake vintage horror movies -- Prevues From Hell meets the best part of Grindhouse
2020-10-09T13:12:57-04:00SlowMUD -- a kind of exquisite corpse game where a blank journal is mailed in a round robin fashion to members of a roleplaying group and each writes an action into the journal in character before mailing it along
2020-10-03T13:36:23-04:00fursploitation cinema
2020-09-30T11:08:58-04:00a musical called 'Annie' except it's the plot of Misery from the perspective of Annie Wilkes
2020-09-29T09:04:05-04:00network clipboard
2020-08-29T11:53:31-04:00when your total rent is equal to the appraisal of the property when you first started renting it, you immediately get the deed to the property, and if you move out before that point you get all your rent refunded
2020-08-13T21:43:08-04:00an oracle deck that's just emoji
2020-08-11T10:32:11-04:00squatter's rights but for the RF spectrum
2020-07-20T09:07:39-04:00once a year, everyone who owns more than one residence (ex., landlords) gets to keep one, chosen at random, & the rest are distributed free of charge with all morgages forgiven and a ten year property tax waiver to local homeless
2020-07-13T11:38:12-04:00a 2d tile-based MMORPG with turn-based combat and deckbuilding mechanics
2020-07-08T10:05:56-04:00moebius, the living vampire
2020-07-05T01:22:20-04:00a keytar with a second full keyboard upside-down on its neck so you can play two-handed
2020-06-26T08:59:09-04:00a podcast 'My Favorite Rabbithole' where every week a new guest comes on and talks to the host about whatever they keep finding themselves talking too much about at parties and such
2020-06-25T14:25:55-04:00A redo of Sweeny Todd/Buckets of Blood set in the Bay Area and centering around a frustrated former celebrity chef -- call it Killer App
2020-05-28T13:15:25-04:00weft drive
2020-05-14T11:28:58-04:00philosophy speed-dating: get a prime number of doctoral candidates, split into two lines, and have them give hot takes to each other for 5 minutes on a stated topic before moving on.
2020-04-26T16:22:11-04:00supermarionation brothers
2020-04-23T12:55:19-04:00having all the numbers in your musical be both diagetic and acapella, in order to demonstrate that it takes place in the real world and your characters are simply the kind of really-extra people who break into song frequently. (you guys know people like that, right? it's not just me?)
2020-04-21T18:50:07-04:00tax ONLY churches
2020-04-20T09:03:16-04:00cosmetic horror
2020-03-31T12:28:43-04:00a channel on Shudder TV that just plays anthologies
2020-03-31T12:28:08-04:00EC cinematic universe
2020-03-27T06:46:28-04:00software archaeology bungee jumping: pick a topic at random, dig deep, repeat
2020-03-16T08:25:28-04:00story: in a future society where citizenship decisions are made by plebicite, refugees must 'run for resident' with elaborate immigration campaigns
2020-03-15T08:42:04-04:00combine national rent control with enhanced squatter's rights and a rule that any building not currently being LIVED IN is automatically available for sale & rent at a standardized price
2020-03-10T09:26:59-04:00an award for most careful / highest quality replication attempt
2020-03-07T09:47:42-05:00cryptidcurrency -- where proof of work is verified sasquatch footage
2020-03-06T16:34:50-05:00streaming video themed slasher parody NETFLIX AND KILL, about a homicidal stalker who targets youtubers and twitch streamers because of parasocial relationships
2020-03-03T10:42:39-05:00pronouncing 'quince' like 'cans'
2020-02-27T08:03:15-05:00a word processor that shows the rate at which you're writing (words per minute), flashing red when you're below some configurable goal rate
2020-02-26T19:15:28-05:00the MarxIsSim challenge, wherein you make a house modeled on Marx and Engels in The Sims 3
2020-02-14T06:55:33-05:00flack earth society -- claims that the debris that formed the solar system was placed there with the intent to confuse interstellar navigation and targeting systems
2020-02-12T12:18:49-05:00macroblogging service -- submit button is greyed out until you type at least ten thousand words
2020-02-01T14:56:49-05:00a podcast where people review and rank animals, called BEST-iary
2020-01-16T10:55:08-05:00a study comparing average number of lines in a repo to that repo's license
2020-01-15T11:03:04-05:00storylets implemented as a constraint/planner language -- storylets as predicates, and narrative as the path of a solver
2020-01-09T12:42:34-05:00use that lojban-to-prolog translator in conjunction with chat logs to produce a personal expert system
2019-12-28T14:38:57-05:00an RPG where you're just a handyman. There's no great evil or anything -- you just get better and better at doing progressively more complicated odd jobs by leveling up your craft skills, while developing a relationship with the townspeople and managing your reputation.
2019-12-24T21:49:33-05:00an inconvenience store, which sells only novelties and white-elephant gifts
2019-12-24T18:39:08-05:00a video game where you build a haunted house for NPCs (like the haunted house version of Sim Coaster)
2019-12-21T13:27:01-05:00a four hundrecd page essay on the symbolic significance of Freddy being afraid of Dokken in the music video for Dream Warriors
2019-12-10T17:44:41-05:00revolutionary gyaru utena
2019-12-10T16:09:16-05:00do a remake of Johnny Mnemonic, DO NOT update the production design, but rewrite the script to strengthen character arcs and remove the whole computers-cause-adhd thing, and then cast Keanu Reeves in it again
2019-12-08T08:14:25-05:00pumping your entire marketing budget into getting shoutouts from early 90s z-listers on cameo
2019-12-03T14:58:41-05:00universities financially organized along the co-op model, wherein tuition can be waived entirely if the student agrees, upon graduation, to become faculty (and thus a full partner) with marginally lower pay
2019-11-26T13:45:19-05:00sale: if you buy all my games they are 50% off, but if you prove you already bought all my games at full price i will buy one of yours so long as they are cheaper than mine
2019-11-25T10:31:15-05:00t-shirt: my other guardian angle is non-euclidian
2019-11-20T10:44:18-05:00shoop maple leaves into hentai & tag with 'cancon'
2019-11-15T13:31:46-05:00VC Andrews fanfiction about VC Andrews becoming a VC in the same universe as Flowers in the Attic
2019-11-14T20:51:58-05:00texas chainsaw babies
2019-11-13T18:26:17-05:00use census data to compute natal charts for all americans
2019-11-12T08:53:59-05:00ladytron x skinny puppy mashups
2019-11-05T11:03:51-05:00a futures market on technical debt in the form of a deadpool on the observation, in the wild, of particular exploits
2019-11-05T10:18:47-05:00shakespeare porn parody "much ado about nutting"
2019-11-03T19:44:16-05:00eating a pineapple-and-aparagus salad for sex reasons
2019-10-28T05:51:08-04:00a story where a new (quirky/remarkable) girl transfers to an all-girls school & disrupts the existing love DAGs/polygons -- i.e., a harem show where the focus lies in discovering the complex previously-existing social arrangements in this space that were obscured until the harem protagonist caused them to become unstable and progress.
2019-10-27T10:51:18-04:00limit political contributions to a total of $1,000 a year for both individuals and corporations (destroying the justification for forming a corporation for political contributions)
2019-10-27T09:07:43-04:00splice apple branches onto a maple trunk to create a mapple tree
2019-10-25T23:49:20-04:00a twitter bot that posts once a day to remind you how many days it is to halloween, in the form of an edited version of the video of the jingle from Halloween 3: Season of the Witch
2019-10-25T18:06:53-04:00a VN in red/blue 3d with parallax
2019-10-21T12:53:40-04:00every year representatives get together & choose which properties are most culturally influential, & then they are placed in the public domain
2019-10-20T18:29:40-04:00It's called "Vampirella vs Barbarella" except it actually involves Vampirella, Barbarella, Elvira, and Blackula teaming up against the Dracula-headed secret society The Old World Order
2019-10-17T08:36:43-04:00knife baseball
2019-10-14T19:51:03-04:00teddy spider
2019-10-13T19:57:45-04:00a mechanism for hashing strings into integers wherein all hashes are prime numbers
2019-10-11T15:40:00-04:00use an OCR trained to identify sheet music to turn arbitrary images into audio
2019-10-11T09:19:09-04:00video game: crooked corporate accountant simulator 2020
2019-10-11T09:18:39-04:00video game: larp moderator 2020
2019-10-11T09:18:20-04:00video game: anime convention organizer 2020
2019-10-11T09:17:58-04:00video game: chess tournament administrator 2020
2019-10-09T10:22:00-04:00a VN in the style of a silent film, complete with intertitles
2019-10-09T10:14:01-04:00a new brutalism with less sand
2019-10-06T11:59:20-04:00an isekai where the protagonist just spends about six volumes figuring out the grammar and etymology of the language where they landed
2019-10-06T11:35:31-04:00a superhero subversion that's actually about hagbard's second law / 'seeing like a state': i.e., doing good from a position of power is impossible because power & understanding conflict with each other, & even the alter ego channel doesn't give enough perspective to *know* what the right thing to do is
2019-10-04T16:05:33-04:00getting a chin tattoo of the word 'MATHEMATICS' in deference to Ada Lovelace
2019-09-27T13:39:07-04:00International Zero Day -- a holiday where we celebrate unpatched vulnerabilities and exchange keys
2019-09-23T11:13:20-04:00temporary facial tattoos of eyes and mouths and entire faces of imaginary strangers
2019-09-13T09:52:29-04:00self-owning cars
2019-09-11T15:49:58-04:00publically traded for-profit firehouses
2019-09-09T10:11:41-04:00a service that takes money sent to it & distributes it randomly to some pre-formed list of 'charitable causes'
2019-09-04T18:25:11-04:00a novel in the form of a draft of the ghostwritten autobiography of a fictional public figure, with notes by the figure, with further notes by an editor and further notes on all the above by an academic
2019-09-04T15:57:39-04:00gnostic prosperity gospel: the idea that god (in the form of sophia) directs money toward the wicked in order to send them to hell, because camels & needles etc.
2019-09-01T14:48:43-04:00a paladin who practices magic rooted in the theology of the american civic religion
2019-08-31T15:54:50-04:00a series of quatermass porn parodies for extremely specific fetishes: Quatermass XXXperiment for vore/bodily transformation/monsterfucking; Quatermass and the Pits for giantess armpit fetishes & sex with bugs
2019-08-31T15:05:09-04:00any IP that taxpayers fund the creation of gets held by the government & profits from using it go into a sovergn wealth fund
2019-08-23T22:58:16-04:00full of blood and fear in a dark strange universe
2019-08-22T18:15:40-04:00a VN modeled off a silent movie -- lots of sprites appearing and disappearing, and occasional intertitles that hide the whole screen
2019-08-21T18:07:12-04:00seed the conspiracy theory within qanon that qanon has been infiltrated by bots, by infiltrating qanon with very obvious bots
2019-08-21T13:27:54-04:00a cryptocurrency where proof of work is nude selfies / blackmail material, which will be released if you default on your debts
2019-08-21T13:26:26-04:00DecayCoin: a cryptocurrency whose value has a half-life of twenty seconds
2019-08-21T13:25:08-04:00HotPotatoCoin: a cryptocurrency whose value inflates based on how many distinct hands its been through
2019-08-21T07:13:10-04:00a collaboration between Joi Ito and Junji Ito
2019-08-16T07:00:39-04:00a language with no vowels -- only consonants and glottal stops
2019-08-07T14:38:43-04:00a head mounted display with a camera in front of it where framerate is delayed by a period that changes in inverse proportion to the difference between frames -- i.e., the more bits need to be pushed, the faster the updates
2019-08-07T14:37:45-04:00a head mounted display with a camera in front of it where framerate is delayed by a period that changes with proportion to the CURRENT brightness of the room
2019-08-07T14:37:25-04:00a head mounted display with a camera in front of it where framerate is delayed by a period that changes with proportion to the brightness of the frame
2019-08-07T10:25:43-04:00an escape room that is also a haunted house and also a larp
2019-08-03T18:00:03-04:00transition to co-ops by encouraging unions to perform forced acquisitions of the companies
2019-08-02T19:33:33-04:00bury a grid of seizmometers every degree of lattitude/longitude at the same depth with respect to sea level across the continental US, in order to get a consistent and detailed model of wave propagation through the rock
2019-08-02T10:52:08-04:00larp by mail
2019-08-01T16:22:37-04:00an automatic shaver that uses the sound of hair hitting the razor to determine whether nor not a spot needs to be re-shaved
2019-07-28T08:08:29-04:00an MMO where the starting weapon is your bare hands & if you want a better one you need to craft it from monster parts & gathered herbs
2019-07-26T06:32:23-04:00Junji Ito's TOMIE as a rock opera
2019-07-24T15:23:00-04:00a cryptocurrency where the proof of work is the user performing turing tests
2019-07-24T14:30:12-04:00recaptcha except it's users determining whether or not posts are (1) by humans, and (2) not violating TOS
2019-07-24T07:53:38-04:00a gopher frontend for the internet archive
2019-07-12T19:04:56-04:00yuurei on ice (because they don't have feet)
2019-07-11T11:09:07-04:00a gan that tries to adversarially model itself
2019-07-11T10:38:24-04:00axe-throwing bears
2019-07-10T14:03:54-04:00steaming video
2019-07-10T07:46:23-04:00a 'profiling AI' that actually just performs cold reading
2019-07-09T08:41:20-04:00caffeinated jello
2019-07-08T18:45:31-04:00a silent-hill style game where the monsters are all just slightly tweaked versions of Hugo Gernsback inventions
2019-07-06T00:10:50-04:00supper hero
2019-07-05T08:08:59-04:00buy the rights to (now-defunct) MAD magazine and sign them over to Small Beans
2019-07-03T22:00:28-04:00a VN in the style of the 'foto-funnies' format popularized in national lampoon magazine
2019-06-29T23:54:39-04:00a mechanized seat for the purpose of adding camera movements to live plays, provided the play has exactly one (1) audience member
2019-06-29T23:53:43-04:00dracula told in the style of kanashimi no belladonna
2019-06-29T09:55:18-04:00the larry cohen brothers
2019-06-28T10:49:47-04:00couchsurfing but with raspberry pis as an alternative to cloud providers: you add your machines to the pool & the rule is that you can't charge anybody or use it for commercial purposes
2019-06-27T12:23:13-04:00an animatronic shark with the face of Bruce Campbell and the voice of Bruce Springsteen
2019-06-27T12:17:49-04:00plantasia but for rocks
2019-06-27T07:30:25-04:00prototype the future but in AGPL code so startups can't steal it. Then, everybody else gets to use it for free.
2019-06-26T20:32:29-04:00death metal band names written in the font that the katakana in the evangelion logo uses
2019-06-20T11:04:10-04:00"The Postman Rings Twice", a story about posthumans with bells in their body
2019-06-19T12:34:28-04:00find a band you've never heard of, and then listen to four hours of other people's covers of their most popular song
2019-06-19T09:22:44-04:00generative hold music
2019-06-14T07:21:07-04:0018th-century-islamic-pirate-queen-themed dubstep horrorcore
2019-06-14T05:14:25-04:00A VN where all the character art is black and white photographs of the game dev wearing cosplay
2019-06-09T15:47:59-04:00invited to present at a security conference, instead of lecturing, just do a high-concept performance art thing
2019-06-06T16:24:03-04:00an online game where, for one player, it's a tetris-style falling-block game, but for the other player, those blocks form the map for a side-scrolling platformer.
2019-06-06T11:46:19-04:00a block-based drag and drop visual editor for APL
2019-06-06T11:30:21-04:00a compiler from prolog to GNU Make
2019-06-05T10:28:49-04:00VMs except they're actually a separate computer inside the case of your existing computer that you SSH into, & you can switch I/O devices to it with a key.
2019-06-02T18:19:19-04:00A social network funded entirely by NSF grants, wherein scientists get permission to run large-scale controlled studies in psychology on users, who are briefed on the experiments they were a part of afterward. All users are paid for each experiment they contribute to.
2019-05-28T10:00:10-04:00a site that, given a set of tags, brings up the full text of a randomly chosen academic paper matching those tags.
2019-05-26T14:35:54-04:00A narrative game that takes place over a year, where stories can only be played through on the days that are anniversaries of the days they occur on. There is an achievement for april fool's day.
2019-05-26T14:04:20-04:00an RPG where, because all the merchants have internal politics between them & different social networks, loyalty to a particular mechant (and maybe even making friends with them) will change how other NPCs treat you & what information & resources are available
2019-05-22T17:33:31-04:00color words based on the average semantic distance of the highest-TFIDF words in their dictionary entries, across parallel corpora in different languages, so that translations are almost the same color
2019-05-22T17:32:10-04:00color words based on a 24-bit hash
2019-05-22T17:31:17-04:00color words based on their semantic distance according to word2vec, so that synonyms are almost the same color
2019-05-22T17:29:45-04:00color words based on their frequency value, so that the most common words are at functionally 50% contrast with the background while typos and neologisms are solid
2019-05-22T17:28:59-04:00color words based on their TFIDF value, so that the lowest-information words are at functionally 50% contrast with the background while the highest-information words are solid
2019-05-22T11:57:33-04:00A bot that automatically replies to any link to The Curse of Xanadu with a link to Ted's response to The Curse of Xanadu.
2019-05-09T19:17:52-04:00mad libs as a divination technique
2019-05-08T13:10:05-04:00marinade mushrooms & chuck stake in a mix of coffee stout and dr pepper, fry, & mix with sour cream
2019-05-08T11:40:01-04:00a kickstarter that distributes the average donation back to every donator
2019-05-06T08:28:01-04:00opalescent makeup & accessories designed to make people assume actual photographs of you are generated by stylegan
2019-05-02T18:55:24-04:00a VN with a laugh track but no voicing or music
2019-04-24T19:54:21-04:00do your bibliomancy with Green's Dictionary of Slang -- fate will tell you what it really thinks of you, for once.
2019-04-15T11:11:56-04:00whenever somebody talks about Green Book, pretend you think they're talking about Green Room
2019-04-15T08:17:22-04:00twitter except it just updates your local ~/.plan file & keeps no history
2019-04-02T14:04:15-04:00a soap opera that is also a space opera AND a rock opera
2019-04-02T11:42:13-04:00vending machine art project that takes bills & sets them on fire as you watch through a little window
2019-03-28T17:26:59-04:00a professional wrestler whose persona is a thinly veiled version of Slajov Zizek
2019-03-25T13:17:00-04:00give up the letter e for lent
2019-03-08T11:45:22-05:00make UBI contingent only on compulsory voting
2019-03-01T14:20:30-05:00a repl for inform in inform that describes your desktop environment as a haunted house
2019-02-25T06:35:50-05:00One of those franchise-themed fighting games, except it's a rap battle. You get dealt a hand of possible lines, with points for internal rhyme and novelty, & multipliers for referencing previous lines & opponent backstory. External rhymes are combo attacks
2019-02-15T15:35:09-05:00Do a free machine-generated text class at a library (using tracery or something), self-publish the course materials as a book (with proceeds going to the library as donations), & get a couple copies for the stacks.
2019-01-23T13:19:27-05:00train chess engines to play like specific historic players
2019-01-13T17:27:19-05:00Evangelion fanfiction in the form of Kaji's hand-annotated copy of a Fire in the Valley style popular history of the development of Tokyo-3, casting Gendo as an Elon Musk type figure.
2019-01-10T10:03:52-05:00A shuffle-novel in the form of an oracle deck, with strange or absurd predictions & the premise that it is describing the life of the parallel version of the reader who lives in the world described by the deck.
2019-01-06T16:17:49-05:00International 'journalist exchange' agreements -- newspapers in different countries have an arrangement where they'll trade journalists periodically & reprint each other's stories in translation, by entering into clubs.
2018-12-21T15:41:31-05:00autonomous self-driving solar-powered vending machines
2018-12-21T09:53:41-05:00set your terminal font to Brand New Roman before starting to code
2018-12-20T11:27:51-05:00bumble bee mounted wifi mesh network APs
2018-12-10T12:06:26-05:00a campaign to ensure all life extension therapies are completely covered by medicare, medicaid, & ACA-compatible insurance
2018-12-06T12:44:39-05:00Instead of a greatest hits album, a greatest failures album: a collection of all the tracks that made the least money and got the least attention (despite never being intended as deep cuts)
2018-12-05T19:06:57-05:00a browser extention that requests the wayback machine spider whatever pages you visit as you visit them
2018-11-30T06:54:15-05:00live your life as though it is a bayesian poisoning attack on the basilisk
2018-11-29T06:48:44-05:00require all 'tech' companies to be registered nonprofits -- make them prove that they are putting their revenue into 'changing the world' instead of just saying it
2018-11-27T09:36:31-05:00get commit access to leftpad and make it so that it spawns a thread that loads in an infinite loop for every injected space
2018-11-26T20:28:21-05:00The Medium Is The Massage, dubstep edition
2018-11-26T19:43:30-05:00a mandala of the names of all the people you've ever wronged except the names are transliterated into katakana for no reason
2018-11-26T19:40:23-05:00supercut of every numinous image set to yakkity sax
2018-11-26T19:39:26-05:00time lapse of just really failing to build and paint miniatures
2018-11-26T19:37:00-05:00remove every frame of koyansiquatski that is a multiple of a fibbonacci number
2018-11-21T14:17:15-05:00furniture modeled on cray equipment, with spaces to put your own computers in
2018-11-19T14:25:57-05:00Sieze the domain and point it to the wikipedia article for the Amazon river
2018-11-17T09:11:00-05:00transpose Pretty Hate Machine into a major key, shift every word in the lyrics to the least semantically distant word with a more positive sentiment score, and call the result Pretty Great Machine
2018-11-12T09:21:36-05:00to combat writer's block, use automatic writing as a divinatory method to predict what you would have written if you didn't have writer's block
2018-11-11T11:48:40-05:00Rather than having a 'madness' mechanic, have a 'stress' mechanic that causes perceptual distortion (tunnel vision, increased color contrast, blurred vision, louder environmental sounds) & motor distortion (worse aim, movement delays)
2018-11-11T08:46:16-05:00replace whitespace with color changes
2018-11-09T08:28:38-05:00sort r/all by controversial
2018-11-08T18:18:17-05:00A full performance of Smoke on the Water built by remixing clips of people at Guitar Center failing to perform Smoke on the Water & random words spoken by people in Guitar Center
2018-11-08T06:52:27-05:00a smartphone with a full-sized model m keyboard and a full-sized bell handset but a regular smartphone sized screen *that is also e-ink*
2018-11-08T06:51:57-05:00a smartphone with a full-sized model m keyboard and a full-sized bell handset but a regular smartphone sized screen
2018-11-07T11:31:31-05:00drawing a unicursal hexagram in the center of the Magic Roundabout in Hartfordshire
2018-11-07T09:22:02-05:00A gritty reboot of Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In starring Rowan Atkinson and Dmitri Martin
2018-11-05T10:38:11-05:00run deOldify on manga pages, consider the new color schemes canon, move to a surreal universe of floating pastels
2018-11-02T12:27:09-04:00a social network where post *literally* fade because the contrast is computed with the inverse of time. A spinoff where bugs slowly eat away at posts.
2018-11-01T12:04:37-04:00style transfer every frame of the new suspiria to look like the old suspiria
2018-11-01T10:54:43-04:00Prevent any party from having representatives in more than 10% of the seats in congress or senate, including at the state level. If any party goes over 10% we redo the election in all affected areas.
2018-10-30T10:37:56-04:00write poems, one a day, each on the back side of a tile, cementing it into place after you write it. your bathroom wall becomes a hidden book. tell no one.
2018-10-26T09:12:42-04:00a database of maps of conceptual spaces that are drawn like maps of physical spaces (ex., xkcd's map of the internet & Knuppe's map of the fields of mathematics)
2018-10-25T15:15:19-04:00a self-adhesive battery-powered white noise generator & speaker, which can be affixed to the microphone on your laptop
2018-10-24T16:29:16-04:00a NOT operation on types, such that a type can be define as the failure to qualify as some other combination of types or some other boolean type expression
2018-10-24T12:24:58-04:00deep fried peanut butter and mayonaise sandwiches
2018-10-24T09:40:46-04:00aromatherapy vapes
2018-10-24T09:29:48-04:00A vibrator implanted in the pelvis that is controlled by reports of earthquake severity
2018-10-23T11:26:38-04:00plan 9 from whitespace, a full implementation of plan9 in an extended version of the whitespace programming language, which ships with a printed copy of the source code (a blank notebook)
2018-10-22T17:39:15-04:00a minikanren in prolog
2018-10-19T23:10:49-04:00The Same Oblique Strategy Card Every Day. ('repetition is a form of change', obv.)
2018-10-19T10:47:50-04:00twitch plays strip poker
2018-10-19T10:47:35-04:00twitch plays cards against humanity
2018-10-19T10:47:08-04:00twitch plays exquisite corpse
2018-10-19T08:39:08-04:00an extension that replaces 'OK' on every button with 'Dolt', like God & the original Macintosh UI team intended
2018-10-18T11:04:13-04:00serious & well-researched answers to stupid questions, as a podcast
2018-10-17T12:36:16-04:00Use mechanical turk to do a novel-length exquisite corpse, one sentence at a time.
2018-10-17T09:53:35-04:00Multi-cursor and annotation support for vim
2018-10-16T17:49:06-04:00An algorithm that creates textual descriptions of images watches TV, creating a description from each frame, which is then used to generate a new image & the video is resynthesized
2018-10-15T12:04:28-04:00watching FEWER horror movies in october because you need a break from the rest of the year
2018-10-12T10:39:06-04:00turn music into text by substituting note frequency with word frequency
2018-10-12T09:13:55-04:00A video game adaptation of Lethem's Gun With Occasional Music in the style of the Monkey Island series, with a mechanic involving mixing custom blends of forgetol/regretol/etc & replacing people's stashes with them.
2018-10-11T12:19:39-04:00a d20 where every face is labeled 1
2018-10-09T17:41:15-04:00a bot that posts random joke punchlines but not the actual joke
2018-10-08T12:02:22-04:00a robot that spills or dribbles paint onto canvas until the image is recognized as an object, then names the painting after that object.
2018-10-04T13:05:02-04:00A book called Acknowledgements that's just a book-length acknowledgements section thanking people for contributing to the book, House-That-Jack-Built-style
2018-10-04T09:33:58-04:00a wikipedia project for creating and improving articles that are uniquely relevant to countries that qualified for
2018-10-03T13:07:03-04:00a machine that uses oscillators to manufacture high-quality sand
2018-10-02T14:50:09-04:00inform7 repl as command shell
2018-10-02T12:28:24-04:00surreal and disturbing powerpoint presentations as public performance art
2018-09-15T09:24:52-04:00Current prisoners have mandatory voting while non-prisoners (including ex-prisoners) have the option to vote
2018-09-04T18:54:30-04:00a movie musical called Greece, for extra confusion
2018-09-03T20:42:38-04:00a sanrio-branded sentient shoelace character who is nervous about fraying named Aglets-ko
2018-09-02T23:08:42-04:00The HOWLing: angel-headed hipsters fight werewolves whose blood is running money and whose mind is vast machinery
2018-09-02T22:46:27-04:00Phibes recut as a silent film
2018-09-02T22:31:36-04:00a retelling of Dracula where Van Hellsing and Renfield are merged into the same character
2018-09-02T15:44:03-04:00Batman (1968) vs Doctor Phibes: two rich geniuses who love gadgets and labelling things fight each other in an art-deco city with a comically incompetent police force
2018-08-31T16:08:50-04:00replace every word in a book with a sentence in another book that is an anagram of the NATO word-spelling of it
2018-08-31T16:07:47-04:00replace every sentence in some book with a sentence from a different gutenberg book that is an anagram of it
2018-08-29T12:04:13-04:00an anki deck of oblique strategies
2018-08-29T12:03:23-04:00using spaced repetition software to remind yourself to meditate on open questions
2018-08-29T11:30:26-04:00Expand citizenship: you are automatically a citizen of a state if you were born there, if either parent is from there, if you have lived there for more than 6 months, or if you own or rent any land there.
2018-08-28T10:13:07-04:00a metal detector that plays a guitar solo instead of beeping
2018-08-27T08:21:08-04:00A video game called 'infodump' where the primary mechanic is literally using a wiki/world bible to research lore.
2018-08-24T14:48:29-04:00automatically replace words with synonyms that have more phoneme sequences in common with the previous word (post-processing)
2018-08-24T11:26:11-04:00turn the entire military budget into a sovergn wealth fund
2018-08-22T17:58:17-04:00'twitch writes a novel': the previous ~15 words are shown & the top ~20 next words based on a markov model of some corpus are voted on over a 2 minute period (going to the first item, if no votes are cast) until 50k words are written.
2018-08-22T11:43:01-04:00disguise copies of bolo'bolo as constitution pamphlets
2018-08-21T14:57:29-04:00Select a bunch of positions, and pay people on mechanical turk to identify the strongest arguments for & against that position they can think of.
2018-08-21T13:47:58-04:00A movie podcast where the host double-features the Nth best-rated and Nth worst-rated movies on IMDB & compares them.
2018-08-02T15:46:43-04:00a foot pedal for bold and a second foot pedal for italic
2018-07-31T11:06:02-04:00pay a million-account botnet to all change their display names to Elon Musk simultaneously
2018-07-31T08:33:50-04:00a twitter bot that responds to messages by paying mechanical turk five cents to produce a response -- and in the absence of mentions, pays mechanical turk five cents to produce one tweet per day
2018-07-20T12:55:28-04:00a reality tv show where Stephen King and Joe Hill move into a cramped apartment together while both trying to write new novels, confusingly titled King of the Hill
2018-07-20T12:46:59-04:00an anthology of human-selected machine-generated fiction and poetry from various codebases, with introductions explaining the generation method, selected on the same lines as a literary anthology
2018-07-13T12:38:23-04:00a movie review show where you review imaginary movies that you wish were coming out but never will, and you give them bad reviews
2018-07-12T10:24:22-04:00replace your planner with a planchette and let DEAD GHOSTS set your daily schedule, remind you of appointments, etc.
2018-07-12T08:48:23-04:009p/scuttlebutt bridge
2018-07-12T08:48:08-04:009p/activitypub bridge
2018-07-01T00:02:15-04:00Get Annals of the Perrigues style themed corpora type output in your templates by adjusting probabilities by the semantic distance between a choice & some word that is the locus of a theme, with word2vec or something
2018-06-28T11:15:42-04:0072-hour osdev jam
2018-06-26T17:38:44-04:00Jojo Stands but they're all Lemon Demon / Neil Cicerega songs
2018-06-21T12:21:51-04:00a physical crank for rolling back commits
2018-06-21T10:12:54-04:00a fuzzer disguised as a usb charger
2018-06-19T14:41:08-04:00A lootbox service for public-domain work -- every month you get a hardcover of a PD book & a vinyl of a PD recording
2018-06-15T13:30:18-04:00Use ssb to coordinate pinning of ipfs objects
2018-06-15T06:26:37-04:00Scroll back through GUI input events & application states like you scroll back through shell history; inject conditionals and loops; use speculative execution of applications to show projected state from these changes.
2018-06-14T14:04:28-04:00A language with APL-style syntax and PROLOG-style semantics
2018-06-14T13:41:29-04:00A small dedicated machine (like a chumby, maybe based on the raspberry pi) that ships with ipfs & ssb/patchwork, casts from ipfs or peertube to TVs.
2018-06-13T12:30:02-04:00A tarot deck formatted like a set of business cards, one for the egregore of each arcanum (major and minor -- not just trumps)
2018-06-13T11:12:30-04:00Distort text so that, from a distance, it will be read as a QR code containing the same text -- a typographical pseudo-quine
2018-06-11T12:04:59-04:00treating asemic combinations of dictionary words as an aesthetic to be appropriated by commerce, and appropriating it with commerce, thus making attempts to identify dictionary-based chaffing techniques lossier
2018-06-11T12:03:20-04:00creating ads that target asemic combinations of dictionary words order to identify people who use dictionary-based chaffing techniques
2018-06-11T12:02:46-04:00creating ads that target things that are in dictionaries but could never be sold in order to identify people who use dictionary-based chaffing techniques
2018-06-11T12:01:17-04:00running a script that speaks random words aloud all day while you leave your phone at home, in order to chaff your audio-surveillance-based ad targeting
2018-06-07T19:41:44-04:00edit executable files by removing any bytes that are not numberwang
2018-06-07T09:55:32-04:00a noir story set in the insular world of professional c-list celebrity impersonators
2018-06-05T12:11:17-04:00A parody of The Haunting of Hill House called The Haunting of White House, from the perspective of a scatterbrained narcissist who is influenced by the angry ghosts of the dead to join the government.
2018-06-02T01:00:18-04:00the melophone -- it plays a tape loop on the line if you pick up the handset
2018-05-31T17:24:12-04:00Use eliza as your therapist for an hour a day for years, then train a markov bot on the logs.
2018-05-31T10:57:02-04:00A fediverse node that only federates over packet radio via moon bounce
2018-05-29T18:18:54-04:00Put the 'hyper' modifier key back on the keyboard, but you hold it while typing to create hyperlinks, press it while clicking to open a hyperlink
2018-05-29T12:53:03-04:00altcoin where the proof of work is correctly decoding messages from extraterrestrial civilizations
2018-05-29T12:23:38-04:00As soon as a topic is identified to be trending, hide all conversation about it from anyone not already in the thread. Keep it hidden for 24 hours.
2018-05-29T12:22:00-04:00Take advertising jingles and slow them down by 8x or more, remix them together, add infrasound and 19hz binaural beats.
2018-05-29T07:53:06-04:00Replace each word with another with maximum delta in word vector space but minimum edit distance, or vice versa. Tune weights until result is interesting.
2018-05-28T14:42:28-04:00MC Eliza, who rephrases your diss track in the form of a question. "How does that make you feel? Tell me more. Perhaps in your fantasies my flow is basic."
2018-05-23T12:10:11-04:00use those ear-mounted accelerometers that normally wake people who are dozing off at the wheel to instead redden the display, replace desktop background with surreal and dreamlike images, fade in quiet calming ambient music, raise the thermostat
2018-05-23T12:07:10-04:00use eye tracking to save power by blanking the parts of the display not within the light cone of the fovea
2018-05-23T12:06:10-04:00a full-sized hand crank on the side of your keyboard that acts as a scrollwheel with large (page per click) delta
2018-05-23T12:05:32-04:00a dual-layer LCD (like the 3d TVs from a few years ago) that uses the top layer exclusively for hover behavior
2018-05-23T12:04:03-04:00a gesture based interface that uses DSP on the audio produced by a theramin to identify gestures, while playing that audio for learning feedback
2018-05-17T12:11:13-04:00A browser extension that links everything in your browser cache with a fake file whose name is a hash of that item, serves those fake files over bittorrent, and, for all URLs whose expiration date is in the future, keeps a distributed table of URL to hash & attempts to fetch from bittorrent before from http
2018-05-14T10:56:16-04:00philosophy speed-dating: get a prime number of doctoral candidates, split into two lines, and have them give hot takes to each other for 5 minutes on a stated topic before moving on.
2018-05-11T12:48:52-04:00run podcast transcripts through char-rnn and then through the duplex speech synthesizer to generate hours of nonsense indistinguishable from NPR
2018-05-11T08:47:32-04:00a browser extension that gives you long-now-dates by prefixing a zero to all four digit numbers
2018-05-11T06:52:22-04:00an irc-style chat interface for mastodon, where whatever you type is posted & you just see your home timeline
2018-05-11T06:52:05-04:00an irc-style chat interface for mastodon, where whatever you type is posted
2018-05-11T06:51:54-04:00an irc-style chat interface for mastodon, where whatever you type is posted
2018-05-10T12:40:32-04:00an extension that disables all CSS on all pages, and then allows you to approve rules one by one, or edit them in place
2018-05-09T19:15:44-04:00a parser-based IF where the parser language is turing-complete
2018-05-06T17:54:17-04:00a system for sharing playlists of things that aren't audio or online video, like themed triple-features or reading lists, so you can curate or browse that kind of human recommendation
2018-05-03T07:50:37-04:00a letter-writing campaign to members of CS program accreditation boards (at their home addresses) requesting algorithmic bias & data ownership be a part of mandatory ethics classes in the curriculum.
2018-05-02T22:02:05-04:00an emoji moon but it renders as whatever phase the moon is actually in
2018-05-01T12:52:44-04:00creepypasta in the form of a walkthrough for a nonexistent game from an alternate universe where a game like that described is normal
2018-04-20T12:59:47-04:00a program that computes the degree to which the response to a query meets gricean maxims and, if beyond a threshhold, produces potential implicatures, on a synthetic logic-based language and an ontology
2018-04-20T12:31:49-04:00a prolog repl, except pred definitions are checked in reverse definition order and all pred definitions not starting with underscore are persistent. you can export the persistent environment image as a regular prolog file.
2018-04-19T11:08:35-04:00twitch plays pictionary
2018-04-16T17:48:20-04:00quantitative poststructuralism (with corpus statistics ofc)
2018-04-03T09:26:20-04:00an all-robot jam band
2018-03-28T15:02:16-04:00use the luma channel from one VCR and the chroma channel from a different one
2018-03-28T14:58:09-04:00video theramin
2018-03-24T18:52:28-04:00a game show with fantastic cash prizes, where contestants distinguish between real and fake headlines from the past week.
2018-03-23T15:59:44-04:00Require a 60% majority in a state-wide popular vote for congressional redistricting.
2018-03-23T11:47:54-04:00Wear a rubber band on your wrist and snap it every time you say 'technology', 'market', 'end user', 'standard', 'I', or 'is'.
2018-03-23T08:32:12-04:00'mastogone' -- a script that identifies people you're following who haven't posted in more than a year
2018-03-23T07:12:11-04:00Instead of an index fund, choose stocks completely at random, and buy or sell/short them completely at random, one share at a time, once every ten minutes or so.
2018-03-14T10:36:36-04:00A bot that generates not surrealistic and impossible recipes but merely strange Futurist Cookbook style recipes you could actually cook.
2018-03-14T09:56:14-04:00An RPG whose stats are traits like alienation, shadow integration, neurosis
2018-03-12T08:02:09-04:00donate synthetic diamond machines to hackerspaces
2018-03-05T17:39:09-05:00Take two movies & drop or combine frames until they are exactly the same length. Then, interpolate the two, so that in each frame, every other line is a different movie. Then, interpolate the FFT of the soundtrack so that, for some band size, every other band is the other movie.
2018-03-05T17:37:15-05:00Rearrange the frames of a movie so that each frame is followed by the remaining frame that has the minimum (or maximum) difference, in terms first of brightness and then of color
2018-03-05T17:35:55-05:00Sort the frames of a movie by average color & play it that way
2018-03-01T08:19:02-05:00A voice assistant specifically designed to answer toddlers when they ask 'why'.
2018-02-18T22:27:34-05:00bibliomancy by generating random sentences in toki pona
2018-02-16T11:27:13-05:00A bot that iterates over one-syllable verbs, saying, for each verb X, ers gonna , , , , ,
2018-02-09T11:44:17-05:00an extension that renders every word in a font chosen based on the hash of that word
2018-02-09T11:43:11-05:00an extension that decreases the size of images based on how many copies of similar images are already in your browser cache
2018-02-09T11:41:15-05:00an extension that runs term extraction on whatever web page you're viewing and then increases the size and contrast of words based on their computed importance ranking
2018-02-09T11:39:19-05:00a captcha system that shows you something that should be upsetting and then determines if you're humane by checking your computer for signs of whether or not you were upset by it
2018-02-09T11:36:23-05:00Raspberry Pi based seedboxes built into your shoes, connecting to every open network, and trying to break into every not-open one.
2018-02-09T11:32:41-05:00ESP32 throwies with flash memory as store-and-forward nodes for an incrementally growing DHT
2018-02-09T08:48:37-05:00a claw machine except it's a fishing pole with a hook on the end
2018-02-09T07:16:36-05:00at a wedding, the bride, groom, bridesmaids, and best man all wear identical suits and photorealistic masks of Richard K. James
2018-02-07T17:39:13-05:00spaghetti and cakeballs in a cinnamon-sugar-butter sauce
2018-02-07T11:02:15-05:00playing cards with oblique strategies on tghem
2018-02-05T09:40:31-05:00set your voice assistant's wake word to 'OK computer'
2018-02-01T15:53:18-05:00Adversarial social graphs. 99% similar to your actual graph, but friending one guy makes Facebook think you're actually Al Gore.
2018-01-29T10:33:15-05:00Feed all those KMart recordings into sample-rnn and generate infinite automatic mallsoft
2018-01-24T08:51:21-05:00Stop distinguishing between wartime non-civillian killings and non-wartime civillian killings, and have all actions during war subject to regular police investigation and trial by jury.
2018-01-16T13:49:26-05:00a TMBG cover band called In Those Days There Were Giants
2018-01-16T08:25:59-05:00require a payment of a dollar (held in escrow by the copyright office) to send a DMCA takedown notice. The dollar goes to whoever is determined to be the legitimate owner, in case of a dispute. If there is no dispute, it goes into the federal education budget.
2018-01-15T09:49:56-05:00An ebook reader program in two columns, where the second column is specifically for recording personal marginal notes & is the same size as the book's text itself -- notes pinned to the paragraph, line, or sentence. Call it 'MARGINAL'.
2018-01-15T09:16:49-05:00Cryptocurrency but the proof of work is unclassifiable acts of kindness toward disadvantaged strangers
2018-01-15T09:12:14-05:00A book-length work of fiction that contains no nouns
2018-01-15T09:11:02-05:00Cryptocurrency but the proof of work is making and serving coffee
2018-01-15T09:10:17-05:00Cryptocurrency but the proof of work is burning dollar bills on live television
2018-01-15T09:09:46-05:00Cryptocurrency but the proof of work is computing a giant-ass rainbow table
2018-01-15T08:09:12-05:00Instead of ads mining bitcoins in your browser, they run IPFS nodes and pin arbitrary hashes in browser persistent storage then store them.
2018-01-13T14:46:51-05:00Distribute a copy of Society of the Spectacle in the form of playing cards
2017-12-26T06:51:38-05:00mirror all google fonts on ipfs and then use an extension that rewrites the urls to use that version. Alternately: use an extension that downloads them via tor.
2017-12-21T09:32:44-05:00a filter that eggcorn-izes test using substitutions from
2017-12-18T12:42:21-05:00voting, except with a 30 year delay, to force people to actually think ahead.